Best Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The Best Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers at Every Price Point

Bluetooth speakers have come a long way from being weak and short-lasting. Portable speakers now boast bigger batteries, sturdier builds, and deliver better sound. 

These improvements make Bluetooth speakers apt for enjoying music at home and outdoors. 

However, finding the right wireless speaker is more challenging than it would seem. Numerous brands offer several different options, and with voice-operated smart speakers also in the mix, selecting just one product from the bunch is more complicated than ever.

To help you find the right speaker, in this post, we will review three of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market.

Cheap: Infinity Fuze Pint By JBL

If you’re looking to get your hands on an ultra-portable speaker that does not compromise on quality, the Infinity Fuze Pint is right for you.

The speaker is small: it weighs a mere 65 grams and is about 9 centimeters wide, but there is no compromise on sound volume or quality. 

It’s perfect for indoor use, and its sound will fill a room with ease. It comes with two equalizer modes: a Standard mode, for when you’re listening to pop music or watching a movie, and a Deep Bass mode, for when you’re listening to bass music. 

Although you can fit the speaker in your pocket and can use it outdoors, it won’t be nearly loud enough to satisfy you. If you’re specifically looking for a speaker that will work well outdoors, it’s best if you avoided this one. 

Battery life is impressive, and this small speaker averages five hours of use per charge. 

It supports Google’s Voice Assistant, which is a huge plus, especially considering that it comes for a quarter of the price of the Google Home Mini. Voice detection is accurate, and Google will answer your queries without you needing to hassle.

The Infinity Fuze Pint boasts impressive features and delivers high-quality sound and has the highest bang-for-the-buck factor of any speaker on this list. 

Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint Deep Bass Dual EQ Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Portable Speaker (Charcoal Black)
  • Pocket Size Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • 5 hours Music Playtime Under Optimum Audio Settings
  • Dual Equalizer Modes for Normal & Deep Bass Output
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • Speakerphone

Good: Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM

If you’re looking to buy a speaker primarily for outdoor use, the WONDERBOOM will be right for you.

The WONDERBOOM can get very loud without any drops in quality; you won’t hear any sound cutting or blaring out. It is powerful and will fill your surroundings with sound without any trouble.

The output is crisp and clear, and the bass has a strong thump, owing to its wide frequency range of 80Hz to 20kHz.

It has a solid 10-hour battery life, which is expected out of an outdoor speaker at this price. Charge it up once, and it will probably last you the whole trip.

Another massive advantage of getting the WONDERBOOM is that it’s waterproof, which makes it perfect for pool parties. It floats on the water, and hence you won’t have any trouble getting it out of the water.

It is also very easy to clean, which means you take it with you when you’re camping and not worry about spoiling it. It is shockproof too and can take a few bumps.

You can pair it with another WONDERBOOM seamlessly and make a portable dual-speaker system—which makes the speaker perfect for a camping movie night.

The sturdy build and fantastic sound make it worth every penny.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Thundering Bass, 360 Sound, Waterproof, Connect Two Speakers for Loud Hi-Fi, 10 Hour Battery Life, 100 ft Range - Phantom Black
  • Big Sound: The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM waterproof speaker produces big sound packed in a highly portable Bluetooth-connective speaker
  • It allows you to hear music that is crisp, clear and full of big, elegant bass thanks to its frequency range of 80 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 10-Hour Battery Life: This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is rechargeable and has a long-lasting 10-hour battery lifespan
  • Ideal for Outdoor or Indoor Use: The WONDERBOOM Bluetooth speaker system is the ideal outdoor speaker for showers, pools, beaches and more - it's shockproof, waterproof and it floats
  • Easy to Clean: The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is made of high-quality material that is incredibly easy to clean. Take it to muddy fields or out on rainy days; if it gets dirty, it’s easy to clean since it's fully waterproof

Best: JBL Flip 4

If you need a speaker perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, getting a JBL Flip 4 is the right way to go.

It comes with dual-passive bass radiators, which makes it perfect for those who love bass-heavy music. Its sound fills a room with ease, but there are no echoes—which also makes the Flip 4 the perfect option for movie buffs.

Sound quality is impressive, and you will never hear any audio cutting, regardless of how loud you turn it up. 

The Flip 4 supports both Google Now and Siri integration, and you can access the assistant of your choice with a simple button press.

Taking it outdoors is risk-free since the speaker boasts an IPX7 rating and has a sturdy design. The 12-hour battery life makes it ideal for a night camping outdoors.

Its easy-to-use interface and high-quality audio output make it the best portable speaker in the market.


Whether you need a speaker for enjoying music indoors or want a speaker for when you’re out camping, picking one from this list will help you get the most value out of your money. 

Now that you know about the best speakers at every price point, buying a Bluetooth speaker is as simple as stipulating a budget and then picking one out.

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