The Best Wireless Keyboards at Every Price Point

Regardless of if you use a laptop or a desktop, getting a wireless keyboard can increase comfort and convenience and also give your desk a cleaner look. Wireless keyboards are lightweight and portable, which makes them the go-to option for those who move around a lot or use many different devices.  However, the vast array … Read more The Best Wireless Keyboards at Every Price Point

The Best Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers at Every Price Point

Best Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have come a long way from being weak and short-lasting. Portable speakers now boast bigger batteries, sturdier builds, and deliver better sound.  These improvements make Bluetooth speakers apt for enjoying music at home and outdoors.  However, finding the right wireless speaker is more challenging than it would seem. Numerous brands offer several different … Read more The Best Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers at Every Price Point

Best Electric Toothbrush in India

Best Electric Toothbrush

Recent studies show the importance of oral hygiene and its effect on the overall health of your body. Oral health serves as a vantage point for detecting signs of systemic disease. If you do not brush your teeth regularly in the right way and keep your teeth clean, it might lead to several irreplaceable damages … Read more Best Electric Toothbrush in India

Best Power Banks in India


Power banks become a necessary backpack accessory for both our professional and personal lives. It comes very handy whenever you need that extra level of juice while playing your nail biting game or while binge-watching your favorite TV series. Power banks become most essential when you are travelling and your boss wants you to send … Read more Best Power Banks in India

Best Smartwatches in India

Best Smartwatches

Even though the smartwatches have been with us for a good amount of time, the market has recently started expanding. With OEM manufacturers focusing more on smartwatches, the smart wearables are rapidly becoming the next standard tech products. We have already seen brands such as Samsung offering crazy deals on smartwatches on the purchase of … Read more Best Smartwatches in India

Best Hair Straighteners in India

Best Hair Straighteners

Well, who doesn’t like lustrous, straight and easily manageable hair? We sure do. Hair straighteners are a blessing in disguise to people who do not have naturally straight hair. With advancements in technologies, there are multiple ranges to choose from depending on your requirements – temperature control, anti-frizz, shine-enabled and so on. It is not … Read more Best Hair Straighteners in India

Best Action Cameras in India


With our heads filled with plans and to-do lists and hearts filled with places to be, we have reached a phase where every time of the year is considered as a good time for travellers to put on their travel suits and explore the world. Being avid travellers ourselves, we wanted to start our #whichisbest blog series with one of the most commonly asked product recommendations by our fellow travellers, adventure enthusiasts and vloggers; who constantly help us see the world through their eyes. “There is always more to offer than what you see!”

Yes, you guessed it right – Action Cameras. From the time they entered the markets, Action Cameras have ruled the world of travel vlogging and travel documentary. Action Cameras turned out to be a blessing in disguise for all those people who needed a portable and light-weight replacement to their heavy gears and a mountable alternative to their mobile phones – a device that could be durable, solid, mountable, efficient and easy to use. Enter “Action Cameras” – Digital cameras designed to shoot actions on the go. A stereotypical Action Camera is rugged and compact, mostly water-proof at surface level and typically records videos in various modes like burst and time-lapse from the shooter’s point of view.

From GoPro that made the first entry in 2004 to all these different brands available in the market right now, the action camera industry has evolved multiple folds. As per Business Insider, in 2014, worldwide Action Camera sales increased by 44% from the previous year and a half of it had the capability to shoot Ultra Definition or 4K resolution. The action camera sales have surpassed traditional camcorder and compact system camera sales ever since. It is predicted that, by 2019, the action camera sales will surpass all types of cameras [1].

By the year 2021, Ultra HD category of the action camera market is expected to reach $3.3 billion. The Full HD category meanwhile is predicted to reach $2.2 billion, by slowly migrating into other industries in terms of its application and usage[2].

Before we jump into the recommendations, let’s take a look at how to identify the best action camera, or in other words, what are the parameters to consider before buying an action camera.

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