Best Hair Straighteners

Best Hair Straighteners in India

Well, who doesn’t like lustrous, straight and easily manageable hair? We sure do. Hair straighteners are a blessing in disguise to people who do not have naturally straight hair. With advancements in technologies, there are multiple ranges to choose from depending on your requirements – temperature control, anti-frizz, shine-enabled and so on. It is not wrong to say that we have come to a time where modern hi-tech hair straighteners are designed with an intention to reduce the damage done to the hair as opposed to the traditional hair straighteners. So it is definitely a cost-effective option to own a hair straightener instead of straightening your hair permanently.

We all despise bad hair days and what better way to tame your unruly hair with a hair straightener that can be used not just to straighten hair but also to add soft curls if used in the right way. Straighteners are the most versatile tools to own to keep your hairstyle in check at any point in time. Now that we have established the fact that hair straighteners are a must have in every girl’s vanity, let’s understand some of the features to look for before purchasing a hair straightener.

Following are the things to consider while purchasing a straightener.

What’s the plate made of?

Hair straightener plates play a very important role in determining the quality and performance of the straightener. Most of the straighteners available in the market are made of ceramic, tourmaline, titanium or a combination of these. Each of these plates is meant to deliver specific results. For instance, ceramic plates are meant for distributing heat uniformly across the plates. This ensures a clean swipe of straight hair and even distribution of heat, however, the result is not long lasting. This is mainly meant for delicate hair. Ceramic plates offer the least damage compared to their counterparts. Titanium plates, on the other hand, focus on the consistent emission of heat at a high temperature, very well suited for long lasting straight locks. However, you need to be careful of the damage it can cause to your hair, especially if you have delicate hair. These plates get heated up pretty quickly and offer a great result. Lastly, you have tourmaline which is usually combined with either ceramic or titanium based on the requirement. Tourmaline is the crystalline coating you find on most of the straighteners. It helps to achieve a sleek finish.

Thin or wide, what’s your preference?

Based on your hair type, you can choose a straightener that has thin, medium or wide plates. Thin plates provide a sleek finish but are known to take a long time to use. They can work only on small sections of hair at a given time. However, the heat concentration of these plates is high. These are best suited for short hair. Medium plates are good for thick hair, considering the fact that the heat is dissipated equally across the plate. If you have considerably long or thick hair, go for a medium sized plate made of titanium with tourmaline coating. Lastly, a wide plated straightener can be used if you want to use your straightener on a daily basis and are not too nit-picky about the look and finish. Wide plates cause less damage as the heat coming out is not too high. Best suited for everyday use.

Too hot to handle?

Heat settings or temperature settings is another feature to be considered while purchasing the best hair straightener suited to your preference. Try to go for a straightener that has a variable heat setting – this allows you to change the heat output based on your requirement. Some straighteners come with a set level of heat output. Before purchasing these, be aware of the usage and performance such that you do not have to spend more money on buying an alternative in the future.

Now that we know the features of a good hair straightener, let’s deep dive into our top three picks in the category of best hair straighteners in India, 2018 based on budget – Cheap, Good and Affordable, and High end.

Best – High-end, best quality

Best hairstraightener

For buyers who look for a straightener with the best quality and do not mind spending some extra bucks!

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener with Keratin Ceramic Coating

The Phillips Kerashine hair straightener is a product that targets Indian hair. With its silk-pro technology and advanced ceramic coating, the plates are made smoother than silk resulting in less friction and minimal damage. Wide plates prove useful for thick and long hair.


  • Silk Pro Care – Plates are made to ensure optimized temperature, minimizing friction and resulting in less heat exposure. This feature enables the user to obtain beautifully straightened silky smooth hair.
  • Keratin Infused Ceramic Plates – Keratin infused ceramic plates ensure shine and ultra-smooth gliding.
  • Wide Plates – Plates have been designed specifically for thick or long hair. The increased plate width can straighten more hair in one go and will help to reduce the time required to style.
  • 210°C Professional Heat – Gives you that perfect look like you’ve just come from the salon.
  • Instant Heat Up – The straightener has a fast heat up time, being ready to use in 60 seconds.
  • 1.8m Heat Safe Cord – 1.8m cord for maximum flexibility.


  • The straightening effect is not long lasting.
  • Not recommended for thin and fine hair.

Good – Affordable, good quality

Best Hair straightener

For buyers who are looking for a hair straightener that is affordable but at the same time does not compromise on its quality.

Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener (Purple)

Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener with Ceramic coated plates (Purple)
  • 2 year guarantee
  • 24 hour home service. Contact_us on: [ 1800-103-1313][ 1800-11-0303 ]
  • Ceramic coated , Indicator: LED indicator
  • 45 seconds quick heat up
  • Advance PTC heating element

The Havells hair straightener is a great product for everyday use. The ceramic plates that make this straightener glide very smoothly on your hair and provide a long-lasting shine. It is one of the best products available under 1000 INR.


  • Ceramic coated plates – The hair straightener has ceramic plates that glide very smoothly on your hair. It helps to eliminate frizz and keeps hair shiny and silky.
  • Instant Heat technology – Takes 45 seconds to quickly heat up
  • Optimal styling temperature – Highest temperature 210 degree Celsius
  • Floating plate – The floating plates adjusts to the thickness of hair and relatively avoids pressure on hair while straightening. This prevents hair breakage to a greater extent.


Thin plates take longer time to style the hair.

Cheap – Budget pick

Best Hair straightener

For buyers who are looking for a basic hair straightener that is easy on their pockets.

Baltra Vilmon BPC-804 Hair Straightener, Black- cheap

Baltra Vilmon is the best hair straightener available in the market under 600 INR. It has plates that are 90 x 40 mm with Extra Long 1.8 Meters Cable Rapid Heating up to 200°C Extra Wide Plates for better results.


  • Good price to performance ratio.
  • Thin plates help in a sleek and silky finish
  • High concentration of heat


  • Not suitable for thick hair.
  • As the plates are thin, the process of straightening will be time-consuming.

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