Best floor cleaning mop

Best Floor Cleaning Mop

A clean house always keeps you happy and motivated.Gone are the days when mothers used old clothes to rise and clean the floor all with hands.Thats when the mop started becoming really useful and popular and the fact that it could lessen the physical burden of the person cleaning. Every product in the market undergoes constant upgradation that helps them stay in need always. Cleaning mops with the spin option are the ones that are trending now.

So why do we need a spin mop at home?

  • Cleaning made simple.
  • Reduces the physical strain of squeezing the mop head with hands to completely rinse off water
  • Helps you avoid back-pain from bending over a bucket
  • The floor is strain free as the spin bucket helps you rinse off every little moisture and the fine dust sticking onto the mop
  • Easy access to every nook and corner of the house. Keeps the hands clean and dry throughout the process.

Let us give a brief on the best floor-cleaning spin mops available in the Indian market.


The spot-zero spin mop helps you keep your home clean. The microfiber cloth has superior water absorbing capacity.

The salient features of this product include

  • Microfiber cleaning technology
  • 360 degree handle
  • Wheels to pull the bucket around the house which reduces physical exertion.
  • The two bucket system where one is used to dip the mop in soap water and the other to squeeze out water.
  • There’s an extendable mop handle with a lock to alter the height as per your requirements.
  • The manufacturer provides 2 microfiber refills.


“Gala” is a leading brand manufacturing cleaning appliances for the household.The Gala e-quick mop has a bendable mop-head that rotates 360 degrees which makes it easier to reach the edges and corners. The mop is made of cotton microfibers that have excellent absorbency. The quick dryer bucket helps to get rid of moisture and fine dirt from the mop easily.The gala spin mop also comes with a small design change with an upgraded feature. The “GALA TWIN BUCKET” spin mop in which the special feature is that it separates dirty and clean water. This is a smart design that saves space and makes work easier and faster.Gala also provides 2 microfiber refills.


Now here’s a budget friendly option for you.Zelenor’s smart design provides a comfortable cleaning experience. The mop is made of antiseptic and wear-resistant nano fiber for easy and better cleaning making it possible for a 360 degree cleaning. The mop has a long and sturdy handle.The happy add-on is that this product comes along with 2 free microfiber mop heads.

Zelenor Home Cleaning 360° Spin Floor Cleaning Easy Advance Tech Bucket PVC Mop & Rotating Steel Pole Head with 2 Microfiber Refill Head
  • 360 degree cleaning, reaches under furniture and hard to reach areas and provide effective cleaning
  • A longer and sturdy puller handle helps to carry the bucket with ease from one place to another
  • No Spills, No Shock And No Damage To Floors
  • Keeps User Hand Totally Clean No Extra Power Consumption And Eco – Friendly
  • Microfiber mop head removes/ absorbs tough dirt and filth. Its reusable, machine washable & eco-friendly

On a concluding note we hope this article will give you a clear picture of the various options out there. Mopping the house can be a very tedious procedure. Having a spin mop can definitely make this process easier and cleaner.

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