We shortlist the best in each category and make your life easy. Stop Comparing, Just Buy!

Don’t compare, Just Buy!

Typically, the most important problem we face while purchasing products on a daily basis is that there are too many options to choose from and too little time to spend on comparison. Most of us spend all our time shortlisting good products and spend even more time comparing and choosing that one best product to purchase. We hear you! Comparing wears us down. It causes decision fatigue – so much for knowing that there could only be one best product to buy within our budget!


We are a bunch of techies and writers, who would be winning best employee awards if shopping was a full-time job.

Mohankumar Swaminathan


Passionate, growth-savvy product manager driven by entrepreneurial spirit with experience leading cross-functional teams to plan, build, launch and manage world-class products. Blend technology skills with agile experience, a marketing orientation and analytical abilities to evolve product strategy.

Vaishnavi Hariharan

An HR turned teacher turned Home maker. A happily busy mother will be more precise. Teaching was and will always be my passion. Music is my solace. I love writing. Weaving my thoughts into words has always been enjoyable. Love shopping always.. Well who doesn’t 🙂

And thus excited to venture into an all new profile. To spread the delight of online shopping to everyone out there in the digital world.